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Five on Friday

Y’all! It’s Friday. Which is pretty funny as a mostly-stay-at-home-mom, since, well, Nora Beth doesn’t know what a weekend means, David works on weekends, and my schedule stays the same, but nonetheless, mentally I get so excited for the more relaxed feel of weekends. I’ve rounded up a pretty random list of five things for… Continue reading Five on Friday


Devious Distractions

When Nora Beth was a handful of months old, she developed an affinity for glasses… and a death grip. She latched on to my emergency pair of glasses one morning and laughed while she pulled them aggressively. For another handful of months I dealt with the wonky, ill-fitting specs. They didn’t leave me blinded, but… Continue reading Devious Distractions


Five on Friday: Post-Thanksgiving

Happy Friday!!! After such a heavy post last week, it’s time to lighten things up with five post-Thanksgiving happenings and linking up with April & Co. for Five on Friday! ONE. Meals on Wheels. One of our dogs chewed up a buckle on our high chair, so David cut them off the chair, which hasn’t been… Continue reading Five on Friday: Post-Thanksgiving


Five on Friday: A Little Sweetness

This week has been so full of ups and downs. On Thursday we officially lost our pregnancy after a D&E, which I had spent 24 days being vehemently opposed to, but ended up being necessary and a very positive experience (all things considered). I’m debating writing more about my experience in order to help someone… Continue reading Five on Friday: A Little Sweetness


On Our Plates (Tiny Edition)

Thank you. Thank you beyond measure for the response to our sad news last week. We have been wrapped in such warmth and encouragement. I’m currently waiting to determine the next steps for miscarriage, which has been taxing and feels a bit like emotional limbo, but the stories that have been shared with me have made… Continue reading On Our Plates (Tiny Edition)


Where Nothing is Growing, Everything Is

One month and three days ago we learned we were pregnant. We conceived on our own (in fact, David’s first words were, “how did this happen?” Well, buddy, when two married people love each other very much…), miraculously without any medical intervention, and we expected to deliver Nora Beth’s little sibling on May 18, exactly… Continue reading Where Nothing is Growing, Everything Is