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Gluten-Friendly (and Toddler Approved) Flourless Energy Bars

Whew. Is that the longest title in the world for a snack or breakfast so simple? Probably. But these little bars pack a lot of punch. I could just simplify things and call them Good Bars, and the result would be about the same. As I have mentioned, I am no food photographer (but my… Continue reading Gluten-Friendly (and Toddler Approved) Flourless Energy Bars

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Toddler Friendly Quinoa Pizza Bites

Being the mom of a potty training toddler means that not only do I have to remember to put on my underwear each day (which has a 50% success rate), it means I also have to remember to check the status and presence of hers too. Lately, in the evenings, we have been playing outside… Continue reading Toddler Friendly Quinoa Pizza Bites

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Busted + Accidentally Greenish Cookie Bars

Nora Beth has been sleeping in her big girl bed for a few months now and loves it. She gets so excited to slip into her “fing-gamo” sheets and snooze. For a while, if she was having a hard time staying in bed, we would move her into her crib to stay. Except when we… Continue reading Busted + Accidentally Greenish Cookie Bars

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Toddler Approved Broccoli Cheddar Muffins

For an early Christmas gift, Davey received a brand new smoker right before Thanksgiving of last year. Immediately Nora Beth labeled it “Daddy’s robot.” She always likes to check and see what the robot is up to and has recently learned of the delicious fruits of its labors. Last weekend, she was thrilled to receive… Continue reading Toddler Approved Broccoli Cheddar Muffins

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The Well: A Motherhood Manifesto

You know how once you become a mother, it suddenly becomes an unspoken requirement to greet other mothers with, “Hey, Mama!” Well, Hey Mamas! Listen, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore that as a generation of mothers, we seem to be finding more joy in broadcasting the trials of parenthood than in the job with… Continue reading The Well: A Motherhood Manifesto